What Is It You Do, Jon Van Amber?

On a given day, there are roughly 200 people working at tpt, but only a tiny fraction of us appear on our air. The majority of tpt employees are behind the scenes, doing things like audio sweetening and color correcting and well, we’re not exactly sure what some folks do. Which led us to this quest we’re calling What Is It You Do? For the next few months, we’ll be wandering through the maze of editing suites, audio suites, offices, studios and cubicles (some are known as “pods,” which requires a whole separate blog post), learning more about our coworkers’ daily work lives and their key contributions to the tpt mission.

Today we tracked down Jon Van Amber in Design.

1.  Jon, what is your official job title at tpt?

Art Director ( El Conquistador was my first choice – not available. )

jon with son cole

Jon Van Amber with son Cole. Image by Kris Van Amber.

2.  So, what is it do you do? 

This organization is amazing with all the stuff going on from day to day. The design department gets to be a part of so much of it. My primary responsibility is to assist the Creative Director implement design standards, and collaborate with my clients. Like everyone at tpt, service and “changing directions” many times a day is my usual routine. I am a design geek. 3D, 2D motion design, print, and web are all fascinating disciplines.

3. Out of all that, what’s your favorite part?

I would say the relationships at tpt are my favorite, and I always learn something new in the collaborative process. I like to laugh at myself (which comes a close second), because it allows me to have strong opinions without having to be right. My ENTJ world is complete.

4.  What was the last movie you saw?

“The Wizard of Oz” with my eight-year-old. It tripped him out.

5. What’s your favorite show right now to watch on tpt? Or, if there isn’t one now, what was your favorite show in the past?

MAKE-TV, Globe Trekker. They are trend-setters. Originals.

6. Where do you spend more time when you’re not at work–Minneapolis, St. Paul, or _____________?

With my wife and son, usually at home.

7.  A truck spills on West 7th St pulling out of the Pearson’s Candy Company. Do you go for the Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls or the Pearson’s Mint Patties?

Hmmm. I’m going with helping the truck driver pick up the candy to put on another truck–really. I avoid eating candy. If I eat one, I need to eat one-hundred, so I don’t start. I am that type of guy.

8.  Complete this sentence: When I was a kid, I thought I’d grow up to be…  Larry Bird’s replacement on the Celtics.