Back to School. Or Not?

On August 15, Twin Cities Public Television launched Ed Zed Omega, an “alternative reality social media experiment” we’re producing with Ken Eklund as part of Localore. It consist of 6 Twin Cities teens who’ve decided to drop out of high school, all for different reasons which they’re documenting on their blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, and anywhere else they spend time online. Here’s a first peek:

If watching that clip makes you want to respond to the teens, with something like “Are you nuts? Get your diploma!” or maybe “I dropped out too and it’s never gotten in my way!”–then you’re already part of the conversation we’re hoping to start. The goal of Ed Zed Omega is to get people talking about what’s working, and not working, about education today– and the teens themselves are central to the discussion.

Have something you want to say? Submit it on the Ed Zed Omega website, and see how the teens respond. If they think you’ve got a really good point, it could end up as part of the story.